Job Hunting Basics

Here are some documents about how to find a job, whether it’s a part-time summer gig or a full-time professional position after graduation.  If you have anything to add, let us know and we’ll post it!

Your Resume

Resumes and Cover Letters (2006 FC2S)

Job Search Basics for Part-time Work

Volunteer Work and Internships (2006 FC2S)

Tips on How to Pass a Personality Test Do you tell on your co-worker who short-changed the till, or not?  Are you “friendly” or “focused?” Do you prefer to work supervised or are you an independent soul?  Here’s what employers are looking for with these questions, and how to answer them.

How NOT to Look for a Professional Job

The FC2S Student Guide to Landing a Job

The Big Interview (2006 FC2S)

Talking to Students about Money

This document was developed by a focus group, and much of the information is directly quoted from what young people said. Talking with Young People about Finances Here is the FC2S Budget Form which our ETV coordinators use when talking with students about their budgets.

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The 2016-17 FAFSA and beyond

Here are some documents from the federal government and TurboTax to help you help your student understand FAFSA. Unique_Situations_Tip_Sheet_2016-17 - includes questions that pertain to your student as a foster youth Guide to Tax Form 1098 - this information from TurboTax discusses the tax form sent out by colleges and other educational institutions fafsa-changes-17-18 - this document from […]

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Why Texting’s Important

Coach Christine sent us this article from Inside Higher Ed.  It’s about professors texting their students, but it pertains to our ASP students as well – note, particularly, the paragraph printed in red.  Interesting! The Desire Path of Texting •  September 18, 2015 • Karen Costa I have been actively texting my students for almost a year with great […]

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Great Suggestions from a Coach

Coach Kristen recently created this document, which you are welcome to share with your student(s).  It’s got great ideas on how to make the most of their education! Click here for the document: FYStudentHandout.

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Here are some words to spark a conversation!

Click HERE for a great TED talk you might want to share with your student.  It’s all about what it really means to be articulate.

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Quick gifts and pick-me-ups

Coach Debbie has been searching the web for cool gift ideas for her students, and she’s come up with a bunch! Click on them to see what you might send your student – and if you have suggestions of your own let us know and we’ll add them. Thank you, Debbie! Bear hugs Crunch time […]

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How to Find Local/National Resources for a Student in Need

The FC2S First Response Sheet for Coaches can help you find housing, health and parenting resources for your student by searching national websites.  It offers guidelines, but please remember, contact the ASP team if you feel you need specific help.  We are always here for you. And if you have good resources, send them our way!

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Helping Your Student Understand Education Loans

Here’s a brand new document to help your student understand education loans – it’s never too soon to figure out how NOT to take them! Education Loans

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So your student is thinking about grad school …

Many of our students say from their first day at community college that their goal is a Master’s Degree or a Ph.D.  Most of them change their path along the way, graduate with an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree and look for a job, but some of them do, indeed, move on to graduate school.  We […]

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