Summer Internships – It May Not Be Too Late!

Summer time for foster students can mean moving from campus housing to a temporary residence, and a break from the structure of classes.  Students can use the summer months to build up experience for their resumes by participating in internships.  The internet offers many resources for them.  This link provides a listing of full and part time internships by geographical area within the United States.

Is your graduate looking for a job?

Ray Rogers, the Director of Career and Professional Development at St. Edward’s University in Austin, TX has a concise four tip plan for college graduates as they begin their job search.  The more resources that are made available to our student graduates, the more proactive and confident they will be as they begin this next chapter.

Jobs for NY Students!

If your student lives in one of the New York boroughs, they might be able to take advantage of a Brooklyn training program or summer job.

Encourage them to view these websites as part of their job search!


Job Hunting Basics

Here are some documents about how to find a job, whether it’s a part-time summer gig or a full-time professional position after graduation.  If you have anything to add, let us know and we’ll post it!

Your Resume

Resumes and Cover Letters (2006 FC2S)

Job Search Basics for Part-time Work

Volunteer Work and Internships (2006 FC2S)

Tips on How to Pass a Personality Test Do you tell on your co-worker who short-changed the till, or not?  Are you “friendly” or “focused?” Do you prefer to work supervised or are you an independent soul?  Here’s what employers are looking for with these questions, and how to answer them.

How NOT to Look for a Professional Job

The FC2S Student Guide to Landing a Job

The Big Interview (2006 FC2S)

The “real” world … jobs and careers

Check here for information on the world of work – we’ll post things we think you’ll find useful or interesting to share with your students.  To start, here’s a type of work you might not have considered suggesting to them – temping!  Check out this document to find out more:

Foster Care to Career Success – Have You Thought About Temping 

If your student wants a letter of recommendation, here are some good tips on how to get a great letter!

How to Ask for Letters of Recommendation


The virtual world

Here’s where we’ll post useful information about the virtual world – surfing  safely, guidelines for using facebook and other social networking sites, using email professionally…

Here’s the first:

Foster Care to Career Success-Email Etiquette

Here’s important information on internet safety:

Foster Care to Personal Success-Internet Safety

For information on online classes, check Foster Care to Academic Success.

Talking to your student about time management

Time management!  The key to happiness and success!  Well, okay, maybe not entirely but if your student manages their time wisely they’ll be well on their way to good grades and smooth sailing.

Foster Care to Academic Success-Time Management