Dealing with the Election – volunteer opportunities and responsible sharing

Regardless of who your student voted for, whether their candidate won or lost, big changes are coming to our country.

Here are two good articles – the first, from Buzzfeed, offers 27 ways to engage.  The second, from the Huffington Post, talks about being well-informed and responsible sharing.


Quick gifts and pick-me-ups

Coach Debbie has been searching the web for cool gift ideas for her students, and she’s come up with a bunch!

Click on them to see what you might send your student – and if you have suggestions of your own let us know and we’ll add them.

Thank you, Debbie!

Bear hugs
Crunch time
Pot of gold
Snow men
Roll ‘o gold 
Snowman soup 
Box of balloons
Gift in a Bottle
Post It Notes
Box of Sunshine
Decorated junior legal pad
Cozy toes

How to Find Local/National Resources for a Student in Need

The FC2S First Response Sheet for Coaches can help you find housing, health and parenting resources for your student by searching national websites.  It offers guidelines, but please remember, contact the ASP team if you feel you need specific help.  We are always here for you.

And if you have good resources, send them our way!

Starting out on the right foot

Starting school can be an anxious experience, whether it’s your student’s  first semester or they’re an old hand sophomore, junior or even senior.

Here are some suggestions for those first days of school:

Foster Care to Academic Success-10 Ways to Make Your First Weeks Count 

Foster Care to Academic Success-College ABCs

Foster Care to Academic Success-Important Places on Campus

Remember – remind your student that life is what YOU make of it!

The virtual world

Here’s where we’ll post useful information about the virtual world – surfing  safely, guidelines for using facebook and other social networking sites, using email professionally…

Here’s the first:

Foster Care to Career Success-Email Etiquette

Here’s important information on internet safety:

Foster Care to Personal Success-Internet Safety

For information on online classes, check Foster Care to Academic Success.

Talking to your student about time management

Time management!  The key to happiness and success!  Well, okay, maybe not entirely but if your student manages their time wisely they’ll be well on their way to good grades and smooth sailing.

Foster Care to Academic Success-Time Management