Dealing with the Blues

There may be a conversation with a student that raises a red flag that things just aren’t right:

-they may express being trapped or having no reason to live

-something in the conversation points to acting recklessly or other behaviors that are not the norm for the student

-the student’s conversation shows signs of depression or loss of interest in school, home, friends

These characteristics are warning signs for a student who may be suicidal.  Here is a good article on identifying the warning signs:

The Holidays are Almost Upon Us!

Here is an article on dealing with the holidays:  COPING WITH THE HOLIDAYS

Here is an article about holiday parties: PARTIES AND ALCOHOL

How to Find Local/National Resources for a Student in Need

The FC2S First Response Sheet for Coaches can help you find housing, health and parenting resources for your student by searching national websites.  It offers guidelines, but please remember, contact the ASP team if you feel you need specific help.  We are always here for you.

And if you have good resources, send them our way!

Is your student stressed?

Here are some documents to help you understand and manage the stress that is such a big part of a student’s – hey, of everybody’s! – life.

Foster Care to Good Health – Eating 

Foster Care to Good Health – Sleep

Foster Care to Good Health-Dealing with Stress

Foster Care to Good Health-Everyday Exercise

Foster Care to Good Health-Stress Test

Staying healthy this cold and flu season

What if your student is feeling lousy?  How do they know if they’ve got a cold or the flu – or something else entirely? We’ll tell you how here:

Foster Care to Good Health-Feeling Sick

And how do they know if they really need to go to the doctor?  Click here:

Foster Care to Good Health-When Do I Really Have to See a Doctor