Classroom … online … hybrid … What will work for your student?

Is your student thinking of taking an online class?  Have they taken an online class and floundered?  We’ve got just the resources for you, to help you help your student decide if an online class would be right for them,  and to help them succeed if they do take one.

Foster Care to Academic Success-The eCowley Online Preparedness Test 

Foster Care to Academic Success-Succeeding at Online Coursework 





  1. Will Christenson says:

    These documents are great tools to use in order to determine whether or not online classes are suitable for you. I really like the quiz it’s very useful! Online classes I heard are tricky but easy but I guess you’ll just have to do it and see for yourself.

  2. Natalie Houtz says:

    Online classes could be beneficial, but I’m going to avoid them simply because it’s much more convenient to have a set scheduled time you’re required to be in class!

  3. Jennifer Nunez says:

    Online classes I heard are easier. I don’t want to try it because I want to be able to meet new people, have a professor that I am able to talk to face to face and if I have any questions I can just ask them right then and there.

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