Helping your student get the most out of their reading assignments

College students have to read so much!  They might feel quite overwhelmed some days, but they won’t feel that way if they learn how to use their time wisely and get the most out of their reading assignments.

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Foster Care to Academic Success-Reading College Texts


  1. i would also add to the foreign language tips to write down the different conjugations and do it every class until you can do it by memory.

  2. How I manage all my readings is by taking notes from each reading and reading half of one book and take notes then open another book and do the same until I’m done. I go over my notes.

  3. Jennifer Nunez says:

    I have to start taking notes while I read, it will be a big help!

  4. Carlos Gallardo says:

    I hear that it helps to high-light and take notes in the book itself. I hate damaging books, but I may need to do that, if I want to get the most out of the material.

  5. Natalie Houtz says:

    This is super helpful! I’m going to refer back to this, definitely!

    The biggest thing on reading for me is NOT procrastinating!
    Also, looking for the “answers to the questions” in the chapter is extremely helpful for me!

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