Talking to your student about time management

Time management!  The key to happiness and success!  Well, okay, maybe not entirely but if your student manages their time wisely they’ll be well on their way to good grades and smooth sailing.

Foster Care to Academic Success-Time Management



  1. Ive learned that you have to make an schedule when you are trying to really manage your time. when you come from a class,you should review some of the material so the material can be still fresh in my mind. I learned that you should get 7 hours of sleeps. sometimes as college students,we stay up all night and dont get the proper amount of sleep and then we are not focus in our class.

  2. I agree! Schedules are important. I have 3 calenders in my house so me and anyone who sees them knows when I have school time and study time. I try to outline every night what I have to do the next day.

  3. This is something that is SOOO important I wait for the last minute on everything but that just goes back to me often putting a little too much on my plate. It’s almost like I function better with more pressure. I’m just used to it, go figure!?

  4. pretty handy dandy little thingy-i liek the three i would love to be on a schedule but rightnow the lil guys not on one much but hopefully can change that-its so chaotic with the colic and stuff-never know when i can get to something-but hopefully it will change soon!!!!!!!!cuz this is good stuff, and i need a schedule and need to make sur ei have time avilable for good complete thorough schoolwork-which righ tnow i cant guarantee

  5. Jennifer Nunez says:

    Schedules are very important. I just started one a couple weeks ago. Its very helpful! I have to work on going to sleep a lot eariler. It gets better every night!

  6. Natalie Houtz says:

    Balancing work, school, family, and social activities is tough! Especially when you’re sick (like I’ve been the last two days). Sleep is essential, as well as planning. Also, it’s wise to pre-plan your class schedule for next semester before enrollment time!

  7. Anthony Nero says:

    If only time management were easier than it sounds…its like spinning 10 plates simultaneously, and the trick to keep them spinning and preventing any from falling and breaking. If someone has a suggestion as to how to to better manage time such that I get a fair amount of time in for activities other than just school…because I practically live in the library now…i’m open to suggestions. Also, I have tried pre-planning my schedule, and for some reason, it hasn’t worked out efficiently. In addition, I think i’m developing sleep insomnia…any suggestions?

  8. Perry L. Miller says:

    Time management is essential to staying on top of things not only in school but in school as well. Usually I would recommend buying an agenda and color coding your dates so that you (i.e. blue for tests, green for birthdays, red for meetings, etc.). But at this point I would also recommend buying a wall/desk calendar as well and writing your tests on it. Also, post your schedules on your walls so that each day when you get up they will be the first thing that you see. Last summer my boss helped me to create a daily calendar in excel and we have it color coded by the classes that I have and activities that I am involved in. It really helps to be honest.

    Also, Anthony perhaps you’re developing it because you have too much on your mind. Perhaps you should try writing your thoughts out or listening to smooth jazz before trying to go to bed. Hope this helps…

  9. I’ve learned that in order to manage my time wisely I need to make a schedule and STICK TO IT!!!

  10. Freshman year (two years ago) I thought I knew ALL about time management because I worked and went to school my junior and senior year of high school. Man was I wrong. I promise, time management is not learned over night, it is learned by trial and error more so. Try a planner, try a monthly calendar, try managing your syllubi to be one and print that out. Do what you have to do to make it work. I found that a planner is best. I prefer the ones that show two weeks on the same opened two pages (page 2 and 3 are for weeks Sept 21st and Sept 28th), then you can plan 2 weeks out. I am still learning new ways to manage my time, and to say no to work. Remember you are a student, it needs to be a top priority if you want to succeed.

  11. Time Management! Dont have to much fun in college. Prioritize study time and put first things first! Time management is the key to success in college! If you can learn how to do this you will succeed. Keep a schedule and stick to it!! Also get lots of rest something i still can work on

  12. Crystal Walker says:

    I have a big dry erase calender at home so I use that and it has made my timing better. I am more prepared for what is coming up in my classes

  13. Time management is one of the wisest, time-saving tools a person could use. It’s pretty comprehensive. It’s not rocket science, it’s just your schedule (daily or calendar) on paper that creates awareness for upcoming dates and things that you need to get done. Prioritizing what’s most important down to what’s least important should be key.

    Greg, you’re correct in regards to time management yet it is not the only “key to success” in college, it’s about being PRODUCTIVE with the time that you have instead of wasting it away.

    Anthony, I would suggest making a list of your daily priorities from MOST important to LEAST important. This will distinguish what you need to get done and what can wait. If you have alot on your plate, try writing it ALL down like Perry said. For your sleep I would spend one hour (prior to sleeping) doing something relaxing to you via watching tv, shower, exercise, whatever. If that doesn’t help, try taking Melatonin, it’s a non prescriptive pill that can be taken half hour before bed time. It works and could help

  14. Carlos Gallardo says:

    Crystal, I also have a big white board on my wall. it is always there when I need to write any sort of reminder or phone number. I never find myself searching through papers to find information; its always up on my wall, reminding me to call some one or be somewhere-it’s a pretty useful tool for a student.

  15. Faith Slater says:

    Time management for me is probably one of my biggest downfalls because I know that I will need to do something like read for a class or study but I push it aside for later. One thing that does help me alot though is this large dry erase board that I have on my wall and I use it to keep track of things that i have to do, tests, and upcoming events i may want to attend. Most times I end up spending too much time focusing on one thing when it comes to time management. I think I may have ADD because it seems I cant stay focused on what I want to do but as well as time management I also not doing what I should to take care of myself physically like taking my vitamins and making sure i am eating and drinking like I should. Overall I just need to do way better…

  16. i am the biggest procrastinator at times and making schedules is the easy part. Sticking to them is the part many have trouble with. I find myself at times putting some things off for attractive activities

  17. Taylor Summers says:

    Seriously time management is one of the cornerstones to a successful and less stressful day of whatever it is you have to do! You make the best of everyday by putting aside time for all the many things you have to do, sadly our days have only so much time to accomplish our many tasks but as luck would have it that’s why you also get tomorrow and the next day! Breaking down your time into blocks makes you way more efficient and helps with the really big things you have to accomplish.

  18. I’m just like Porsche on this one. I have always waited for the last minute to do things but with college I’ve had the biggest rude awakining EVER that that just doesnt work. Its hard when you have alot on your plate but god it becomes so much easier to handle when you schedule out your day or week to make sure you can get everything done. Its half as stressful when you know that if you just stick to a plan you can get it all done.

  19. Making a schedule is very important. because sometimes you can forget things when you have alot of things going on.

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