Math, math, wonderful math! Right?

Sooner or later everybody has to take at least one math class.  Some people major in math and numbers are like their native language.  Others have much more trouble.  Either way, here are our very best suggestions for helping your student do well in math classes:

Foster Care to Academic Success-How to Do Well in Math

Foster Care to Academic Success-Math Tests 

Academic Success Coach Kristin added the following resource – how, indeed, could we have forgotten it?!

Khan Academy


  1. …no comment..

    thanks! I’ll used this source.

  2. Brittani Thompson says:

    To do well in math (to me) is taking lots and lots of notes!!!

  3. Angela Dobbins says:

    to do well in math, i’ve found having fun, and very patient teacher is a key for me, i finnally get stuff in math because my teacher makes it fun and explains it step by step

  4. Will Christenson says:

    Math isn’t too bad as long as you put the work into it. College’s offer tutor centers, that wouldn’t be a bad idea. Probably the key to getting a good grade in math class is to GO TO CLASS and pay attention, take notes, and take step by step notes with the teacher like Angela said.

  5. walter Baneggas says:

    Great tips

  6. Natalie Houtz says:

    I’m a repetitive learner, so practice is the best study tool for me in math!

  7. Math is not one of my strong points so to say but I have found that I learn the material better by practicing the problems and doing it over and over again.

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