Staying healthy this cold and flu season

What if your student is feeling lousy?  How do they know if they’ve got a cold or the flu – or something else entirely? We’ll tell you how here:

Foster Care to Good Health-Feeling Sick

And how do they know if they really need to go to the doctor?  Click here:

Foster Care to Good Health-When Do I Really Have to See a Doctor


  1. Thanks for the info. I gotta stay well and injury free. i need all the coaching I can get. Keep it comin.

  2. Thank you so much for the good information

  3. Good information!

  4. Jaloni Martinez says:

    Man this flu season is horrible. Its a hard thing to get over, believe me I’m trying. LOL

  5. Jennifer Nunez says:

    Great information to know. Thanks!

  6. Nope i have not been sick or feeling sick latley not yet, but my son does have a little cold. also i herd someone at my work got the swine flu and he caint come to work for a week.

  7. Thanks..

    The flu has been going around in school which is actually suprising because it’s so early… These are great tips and info

  8. Will Christenson says:

    Great information especially since it’s flu season. Wash hands frequently before and after eating and use hand sanitizer frequently!

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