So your student is thinking about grad school …

Many of our students say from their first day at community college that their goal is a Master’s Degree or a Ph.D.  Most of them change their path along the way, graduate with an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree and look for a job, but some of them do, indeed, move on to graduate school.  We are  proud of our M.A.s, M.S.s, M.S.W.s, M.B.A.s, Ph.D.s … the list could go on because we have doctors, lawyers and professors among our graduates.

If your student is at that juncture and is considering graduate school, here is some good advice from Pam Pierce, FC2S staff member with two Master’s Degrees.

Tips for Applying to Graduate School 

Selecting a Graduate School 

Funding for Graduate School 

And they’ll need letters of recommendation – here’s how to ask for one and get just what you need:

How to Ask for Letters of Recommendation

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