The 2016-17 FAFSA and beyond

Here are some documents from the federal government and TurboTax to help you help your student understand FAFSA.

Unique_Situations_Tip_Sheet_2016-17 – includes questions that pertain to your student as a foster youth

Guide to Tax Form 1098 – this information from TurboTax discusses the tax form sent out by colleges and other educational institutions

fafsa-changes-17-18 – this document from the US Department of Education talks about the “Prior Prior” year changes to the FAFSA for 2017-18. Learn about it in advance!

The FSA ID – the old FAFSA PIN is gone – now, applicants use an “FSA ID.” Find out what it is, how to get one and what it’s used for on this document.

FAFSA deadlines  – this document is for  2015-16; however, in reviewing the current year every date is the same as last year – just replace “2015” with “2016.”

Student loan repayment – a good document for your graduating seniors and for anyone who is planning their future.

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