Job Hunting Basics

Here are some documents about how to find a job, whether it’s a part-time summer gig or a full-time professional position after graduation.  If you have anything to add, let us know and we’ll post it!

Your Resume

Resumes and Cover Letters (2006 FC2S)

Job Search Basics for Part-time Work

Volunteer Work and Internships (2006 FC2S)

Tips on How to Pass a Personality Test Do you tell on your co-worker who short-changed the till, or not?  Are you “friendly” or “focused?” Do you prefer to work supervised or are you an independent soul?  Here’s what employers are looking for with these questions, and how to answer them.

How NOT to Look for a Professional Job

The FC2S Student Guide to Landing a Job

The Big Interview (2006 FC2S)

Speak Your Mind