Writing Resources

Here is some basic information on how to be a good writer:

Foster Care to Academic Success-Basic Writing Tips

Here is more than you ever thought there was to know about writing a college level paper.  *NOTE* the really important bits are highlighted in yellow.

Foster Care to Academic Success-Writing College Level Papers

This and that about school

Here’s where we’ll post general tips about succeeding in school – homework and taking notes and staying on top of things in general.

Let’s start with Study Groups. A study group can be your student’s best motivator and support, IF it’s set up and used properly.  Here are our suggestions for making it work.

Foster Care to Academic Success-Study Groups

When it’s time for your student to visit their academic advisor, here is a checklist on questions to ask and topics to cover:

Foster Care to Academic Success-Visiting my Faculty Advisor

Math, math, wonderful math! Right?

Sooner or later everybody has to take at least one math class.  Some people major in math and numbers are like their native language.  Others have much more trouble.  Either way, here are our very best suggestions for helping your student do well in math classes:

Foster Care to Academic Success-How to Do Well in Math

Foster Care to Academic Success-Math Tests 

Academic Success Coach Kristin added the following resource – how, indeed, could we have forgotten it?!

Khan Academy