Welcome to the new Academic Success Coaching Program website.

This is a site just for you as coaches, providing information to help you work with your students.   Currently, it has three main areas –

  • Foster Care to … which features downloadable information sheets to help guide your students in four main areas; academics, career/job, health and personal life.  We will continue to add information on these topics on a regular basis.
  • Training and Coach Calls – here, you will find the four training webinars and videos of every coach conference call along with backup materials, starting with the September 17, 2013 call.  Please forgive our non-Oscar worthy performances!
  • Reports – this is the new portal from which to complete your regular bimonthly coach reports.

We plan to add

  • An FAQ section, not only for general questions but for answers to questions asked at the conference calls
  • A section with noteworthy research and reports from other organizations, for those of you who wish to keep up with current policies and best practices regarding the foster care/education field as a whole.

This is your website.  Please do not share the link with your students or other individuals, although you are welcome to share any information that is posted here.

We welcome your comments and suggestions, and to use a phrase we actually just learned today, we’re all about CQI – continuous quality improvement!

Again, welcome to your website.

Shelley, Pat and tina

Starting out on the right foot

Starting school can be an anxious experience, whether it’s your student’s  first semester or they’re an old hand sophomore, junior or even senior.

Here are some suggestions for those first days of school:

Foster Care to Academic Success-10 Ways to Make Your First Weeks Count 

Foster Care to Academic Success-College ABCs

Foster Care to Academic Success-Important Places on Campus

Remember – remind your student that life is what YOU make of it!

The “real” world … jobs and careers

Check here for information on the world of work – we’ll post things we think you’ll find useful or interesting to share with your students.  To start, here’s a type of work you might not have considered suggesting to them – temping!  Check out this document to find out more:

Foster Care to Career Success – Have You Thought About Temping 

If your student wants a letter of recommendation, here are some good tips on how to get a great letter!

How to Ask for Letters of Recommendation


Helping your student get the most out of their reading assignments

College students have to read so much!  They might feel quite overwhelmed some days, but they won’t feel that way if they learn how to use their time wisely and get the most out of their reading assignments.

Click here to find out more:

Foster Care to Academic Success-Reading College Texts

Is your student stressed?

Here are some documents to help you understand and manage the stress that is such a big part of a student’s – hey, of everybody’s! – life.

Foster Care to Good Health – Eating 

Foster Care to Good Health – Sleep

Foster Care to Good Health-Dealing with Stress

Foster Care to Good Health-Everyday Exercise

Foster Care to Good Health-Stress Test

Classroom … online … hybrid … What will work for your student?

Is your student thinking of taking an online class?  Have they taken an online class and floundered?  We’ve got just the resources for you, to help you help your student decide if an online class would be right for them,  and to help them succeed if they do take one.

Foster Care to Academic Success-The eCowley Online Preparedness Test 

Foster Care to Academic Success-Succeeding at Online Coursework 




The virtual world

Here’s where we’ll post useful information about the virtual world – surfing  safely, guidelines for using facebook and other social networking sites, using email professionally…

Here’s the first:

Foster Care to Career Success-Email Etiquette

Here’s important information on internet safety:

Foster Care to Personal Success-Internet Safety

For information on online classes, check Foster Care to Academic Success.

Talking to your student about time management

Time management!  The key to happiness and success!  Well, okay, maybe not entirely but if your student manages their time wisely they’ll be well on their way to good grades and smooth sailing.

Foster Care to Academic Success-Time Management


Staying healthy this cold and flu season

What if your student is feeling lousy?  How do they know if they’ve got a cold or the flu – or something else entirely? We’ll tell you how here:

Foster Care to Good Health-Feeling Sick

And how do they know if they really need to go to the doctor?  Click here:

Foster Care to Good Health-When Do I Really Have to See a Doctor

How to help your student study for – and take – tests!

Tests.  The bane of the student’s existence.  Well, besides papers and projects and homework and readings and labs … just kidding.  Hopefully your student enjoys papers and homework and … or at least they recognize how important they are, and how important it is to do well in school.  Tests are the gold standard that teachers use to evaluate what a student knows.

Here are our suggestions on how to study for a test:

Foster Care to Academic Success-How to Study for Tests

Check out our tips on studying for and taking Math Tests and Foreign Language Oral Exams:

Foster Care to Academic Success-Math Tests

Foster Care to Academic Success-Foreign Language Oral Exams

Here are our suggestions on how to take a test:

Foster Care to Academic Success-How to Take Any Test

Finally, does your student suffer from test taking anxiety?  Here’s what to do about it:

Foster Care to Academic Success-Test Taking Anxiety